We know the pressure you’re under to find people who fit in with your organisation and make it stand out. We offer a tried and tested executive search package based on the following fundamentals:

  • Reading & Utilising the factors that are shaping your industry.

  • Learning & Understanding your company culture and ethos.

  • Recognising the unique challenges that your business faces in its recruitment process.


Toby Rudge

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Client Consultation
The first stage is the most crucial part of the process. This typically comprises of in-depth Hiring Manager consultation, Colleague Interviews and a look at the environment which the new hire will be working in.

Proposition Analysis
This stage will encompass market research. We will begin to survey your competition, and put together a competitive proposition to candidates, ensuring that we attract the right talent for your business.

Talent Mapping
We will begin to target passive talent within the marketplace, working for key competitors as identified during our market analysis. At this stage, we work with the highest level of discretion. This is where we come into our own.

Assessment Management
Effective liaison between us and you are crucial at this point. We will fully manage interview scheduling, including preparation of any special materials required for you to effectively assess your prospect candidates.

Offer Stage Management
It is our job to make the final stage as effortless as possible. We have years' of experience in effective package/contract negotiations, and always aim to make this stage of the process painless for all parties involved.

"I am so impressed with HUNT4. As an ex headhunter myself, I can fully appreciate just how good Olly's team are. I would have no hesitation in recommending HUNT4.
- Electronics

"HUNT4 have been very helpful, successfully sourcing us top-level people for two very tricky operational positions." 
- Asset Management

"We've worked closely with Olly for several years now, and can confidently say he has been excellent. He has never failed to deliver on promises made, and has attracted elusive candidates who are now making a real difference in the business." 
- Investment Banking

"My experience has been great from start to finish. You are really easy to work with, and don't pester me like most of your competition. I would recommend you in a heartbeat."

- Product Design


Get in touch with Toby Rudge for a consultation to assess your business' unique needs.

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